Secrets of the hundred-grand weekly wage

Over the last two months I’ve had the opportunity to watch a high-level consultant work a client relationship into… …a fee exceeding one-hundred-thousand dollars for five days of work. Work that is largely a compilation of work done for others…customized for the client paying this fee. It’s been a real and valuable “peek behind the

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How to cut your work day in half with referrals

If you’re going to significantly cut your working time as I outlined yesterday and the day before, there is some low hanging fruit to cut. I started almost two years ago, by cutting out every weekly and monthly networking meeting I was attending. When I did, it also meant eliminating on the inevitable lunches and coffees

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The 6-hour work day, Part II

My inbox is full of questions from readers about how to cut your hours and be more productive. (See yesterday’s email.) Rather than answer them all individually, better for all to answer them here. First, let’s define productivity… My definition and metric is dollars created for time invested. You can debate the validity of money as

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How to get it all done in just 6-hours a day

I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who didn’t want to work less and make more. At the end of the day we’re all trading time for money, it’s just the ratio that differs. So yesterday I was on a call with a client and shared my transition to a 6-hour work day (from a 12-15

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Are you doing this one thing to get clients?

There are 10,000 ways (probably more) to get a client. I’ve noticed that two types of business owners have emerged. The first believes that there are dozens of marketing tactics he *should* be using to get clients… So he uses dozens. You can usually tell, because every week, he’s at you with a different angle.

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