and he carried a weed-whacker to the meeting!

Oh how easy it is to get trapped… …down in the weeds of business. Sure we all know the feeling, but do we know the cost? Getting trapped in the weeds pulls your focus off of the singular goal of business—to help clients and get paid for doing it. If you’re focused on the weeds—getting

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The Apple School of Client Ascension

I was traveling this week and looked down at Wednesday’s USA Today cover story sitting outside my hotel room door… Right there on the cover was the secret to Apple’s phenomenal success (yep…they survive this security deal). The photo was of the line of people ALREADY waiting outside in New York City for the iPhone

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The perfect pricing model

Today I want to expose a pricing lie. This little lie has destroyed businesses and ruined lives. And no, that’s not hype. The lie goes like this: “It’s easier to sell at lower prices.” Sounds logical…getting a prospect to part with a smaller sum should be easier. But I’ve yet to find that to be

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Why big referrals don’t just happen

Yesterday, I shared the crazy story of a 6-figure referral. A couple of readers wrote in to say that essentially what created that very profitable referral was, well… LUCK. I’ll admit, the thread from the referrer was thin…I’ve never met the person who referred that client. And that’s the point. You cannot know where the

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How to get referral partners to go to work

The Numero Uno frustration I hear…again, and again, and again about referral partners is this: “We had lunch, we hit it off, but other than being friendly every time we bump into each other, nothing happened. I even sent him a referral!” Yep… Happens all the time. So, is this a bad referral partner? Not

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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