When your message is “on” you’ll know it

When you’re singing the perfect pitch for your market you’ll know it… Because, they’ll sing it right back to you. I’ve talked before about narrowing your focus to a very specific type of IDEAL client. When you do, it becomes SOOOO much easier to know what “tune” they’ll respond to. It happened for a client

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Sunday’s best marketing lesson

Are you a missionary or a preacher? Missionaries do important work, but it’s hard slogging…out in the far reaches of the world, trying to become accepted into a foreign culture… Then, educating the people they meet one-by-one hoping to get a convert…and another and then enough to establish a foothold. I’ve never done it, but

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The most realistic way to double sales

If you’ve been looking around the Net for help to boost your sales you’ve seen far too many hyped claims… Most promise to double your business using some new Google hack… Or Facebook loophole… Or some other nonsense. But it is possible to double your sales. And it’s fairly easy…if you look at the problem

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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