Selling Without Selling

As a business owner, one of your primary roles is to land new clients. And one of the most important parts of that process is to know which clients to pursue now, which to “catch and release,” and which aren’t worth talking to again. It’s a strategy that takes patience and persistence… but definitely pays

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Jamie O’Kane | Relationship-Based Marketing

As a business owner, your taxes shouldn’t be an afterthought, something you only think about when you’re getting ready to file. Jamie O’Kane is a CPA who gets proactive when it comes to creating custom tax planning and preparation strategies that can lead to business growth.  Jamie uses her podcast, (Abundant Beans) to help promote

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Dr. Benjamin Hardy | Creating the New You

If you’ve ever taken a so-called personality test and been dismayed by the results… you’re not alone. Dr. Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur, says those tests are far from scientific or the definitive truth about who you are.  He says personality is not hardwired, as many think. And this limiting belief prevents

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Patti Mara | Listening to Your Customers

As a small business, don’t let yourself become a commodity – you’ll get lost in a crowded market. Instead, to compete effectively, says Patti Mara, you must position yourself as a trusted resource and provider of not products and services – but solutions. Patti, a business consultant and author of the new book UpSolutions, says

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Samantha Riley | How to Monetize Your Knowledge and Experience

“Thought leader” is a big buzzword these days. But Samantha Riley goes beyond the hype and gives her coaching clients actionable steps they can take to expand their influence in their niche and make themselves more valuable… which means more income. Becoming a thought leader means you’re no longer the best-kept secret… you’re the go-to

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