Rob Ristagno | Capitalizing on Prospect Pain Points

At consulting firm Sterling Woods Group, CEO Rob Ristagno and his team help middle market companies use data to create sales, marketing, and other strategies to accelerate revenue growth.  Best of all, says Rob, it’s data that is already there. It’s just that owners and executives don’t know how to analyze it – or come

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Trevor Turnbull | Using LinkedIn the Right Way

There are a lot of misconceptions about LinkedIn out there, says Trevor Turnbull. It’s not Facebook for business people. It’s not an online business card and resume. It’s not a place to spam hundreds of people hoping to find leads. But when used correctly this social media platform can pull in a steady stream of

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David Jenyns | Escaping the Business Owner Trap

If you went on a vacation for a week… would your business grind to a halt? That means you have an owner-centric business, says David Jenyns. And you need to change the way things are run so you can work on the business – and not so much in it.  David, founder of systemHUB and

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Ridding Your Mind of Fear

In the past several months, we’ve all experienced traumatic upheaval in healthcare, society, culture, politics, the economy… This isn’t the first time in history something like this has happened. And people face their own personal crises – large and small – all the time. But we can’t let fear rule our lives in a time

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