Making “Referrals” A Predictable Source of Clients

If you’re selling high-ticket, long sales cycle, services or products… …and you want to build a predictable stream of clients… I wouldn’t start online. I wouldn’t start with direct mail. I wouldn’t start with speaking or trade shows or ads… I’d start with referrals. It’s the only way to leapfrog the long sales cycle. But

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Building Streams of New Clients

Need more clients? Take out pen and pad and make a list of all the ways you’re trying to get clients now… – Online – Referrals – Networking – Direct mail – Carrier pigeon… Just list them. Then, with red Sharpie® in hand… Cross through all but one that shows promise. Don’t make the mistake

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How to get your referral kit done this week

If you’ve read Unstoppable Referrals you know that the best way to get lots of referrals quickly is to package up useful information and offer it as the “carrier” for new referrals. It’s THE single easiest way I’ve ever found for unlocking lots of referrals in a hurry. One of the cornerstone formats for your

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When you need clients fast…

I’m often asked, “What’s the fastest way to get clients?” There are a thousand ways to go about it, but if I had to choose just one to use in perpetuity (forsaking all others), it’d be… Speaking. Speaking gives you three monumental advantages: #1. You’re face to face—it’s by far the most effective way to

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The Insider Secret Behind Unstoppable Referrals

I was asked last week, why my approach to referrals (described in my book) works so quickly for people who’ve otherwise struggled to get referrals. Here’s the answer I gave…I thought you’d find it useful. The “secret” is the direction of the interaction… The traditional approach to referrals is a sales approach. It’s based on

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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