The Marketing Morality Police

Yesterday I talked about the importance of “scheming” in your business and in your marketing… Some were horrified (they’ve been summarily unsubscribed)… For those smart marketers left, let me explain with a real life story…THIS IS IMPORTANT, READ ON: My best friend and client, John Curry, shared this with me last week and it is

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How to Achieve Market Leadership in 3 Steps

Clients gravitate to the market leader… It saves them time… It reduces (perceived) risk… It absolves them of responsibility… So it’s good to be the leader. Even essential to be the leader in your market (how ever you define it). But how are market leaders made? #1. Market leaders have an opinion. Current reality isn’t

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How to do premium pricing when you don’t set the price

Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about how to get premium fees…and why it’s important. Those emails have caused a big stir…clearly an important topic for many. AND, they spawned one question again and again… “I don’t set my prices…how can I get premium fees anyway?” I work with one group of clients that

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A Jury of Four, But Only One Decides Fate

Over time, I’ve found that every marketing idea is judged four times… Juror #1. By your spouse…Don’t laugh. More glossy, gimmicky, brand advertising is bought each year because the business owner’s spouse “likes it.” (And, I’ve seen more very good, measurable, direct response advertising canned—even when effective—because a spouse didn’t like the “look”.) Juror #2.

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Diamonds on the soles of his shoes…

Remember the Paul Simon tune by that title? Well, I saw those shoes on TV. Nick Cannon, host of “America’s Got Talent” sported a pair of diamond-encrusted loafers on the show’s finale. $2-million bucks for a pair of shoes. Do they walk any better than my Cole-Haans? Probably not, likely worse. Definitely can’t wear them

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