The best advice I heard all day

I was in the car today listening to the excellent Infusioncast podcast with my buddy Joshua Millage. His guest, Brian Keith, said something important (paraphrasing)… “Successful people focus on getting things DONE.” You’re probably thinking…”No kidding”, but let’s dive a bit deeper. This doesn’t mean, getting everything done. That’s what I always used to believe…and

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The Mr. Nice Guy Trap

Have you ever spent years cultivating a prospect relationship… Answering every question they ask… Giving your best advice… Being a true “business friend”… And then discover that they just hired the firm across town, instead of you? Man, that hurts! But it happens all the time in high dollar service businesses with long sales cycles.

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The minimalist’s guide to selling at high fees

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple and focused. In fact, one of my biggest battles with clients is to cut away unnecessary “stuff” to get them focused on the few essentials… And, in the end selling at high fees…above market fees…requires just a few things. #1 – Authority. If you’re not an authority,

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Are you a thoughtful business builder?

You busy? Me too… Lots going on here, but I’m curious… Have you stopped to think about what it is that you’re building? Are you building a job with a boss you see in the mirror every morning at the crack of dawn (nothing wrong with that)? Or are you building a business? Either one

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Getting ready for the whale hunt

From the very first day I started in business I’ve been a whale hunter. To this day, I can still “feel” what it was like for my 10-person firm to win a $1 million contract the first time… And BEAT three national firms who thought we were a joke. That was 20-years ago…and it got

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