A Done-For-You Marketing System to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Marketing today is overly complex and confusing. 

There are too many options that distract you from what will really moves the needle. The truth is, there are only a few things you need to successfully attract clients.

All of the “gurus” are selling you thin tactics that force you to become a master marketer, when you just want more clients.

They sell you on complex “funnels”, “hacks” and “tricks” don’t attract great clients and don’t build trust. They just keep you dependent on the next “hack” that’s coming in their next big launch. 

It’s time to “opt-out” of the hype, the stress and the nonsense, and start using marketing that builds the trust and relationship necessary to support commerce.

We have a simple, 4-part system to help you attract great clients.

And the best part, we do all the hard work for you…

1. The Referable Book™

The single best tool to generate qualified leads is a book that offers relief of a painful problem felt by your ideal clients. Our simple, authentic method for using your book will unlock 10-times more leads and referrals than you're getting now.

2. The Podcast Prospecting™ Method

Easily start new relationships with future clients by inviting them to share their expertise on a podcast interview. It's easy, "under-the-radar" prospecting.

3. Always-There Follow-up

Never again lose business because you didn't follow-up. Stay top of mind with every new prospect, client, and center of influence (without being annoying).

4. The Pre-Selling Presentation

It can be really uncomfortable to "pitch" your services. Instead, use an automated, on-demand video talk that pre-sells prospects and books appointments.

You’re already busy, so our team is standing by to implement all four steps for you.

"It’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Steve’s ideas are powerful…he’s changed my thinking about how to sell at premium fees and do it in an authoritative way. Steve shares specific, practical, strategies, not just fluff. This will get you thinking about the right things to get the sale and get it with authority, without feeling salesy."
Jeff Coleman
CEO, Factor Four Consulting

What Makes Us Different

In a world of rapid change, we believe that your business should be built on marketing strategies that don’t change. This one philosophy is at the center of of everything we do. 

The truth is, the things that drive humans to buy haven’t changed in a millennia. When you align your marketing to what causes people to pay attention to you and how they buy, everything becomes easier.

If you’re ready to experience simplicity in marketing, we might be a fit.

Isn’t it time to set all of confusion and frustration and focus on the few strategies that never change and deliver long-term results?

I’ve built two successful high-six and seven figure consulting agencies using these strategies. you don’t need more tricks to learn, leave those for your trained dog. You need a team that will actually get your marketing done, so you can focus on building your business.

Get Started in Easy 3 Steps

Schedule a RightFit™ Call

Let's talk for 20-minutes and find out if we're a fit.

Complete a GrowthAudit™

If we're a fit, we'll do a complete audit of your target market, offer, and marketing message.

Execute a Custom Strategy

We'll create a custom strategy to reach your ideal clients and pre-sell them on working with you. Then, we'll execute it for you.

Imagine...no more courses, no more struggling with technology, no more wondering...

"Am I doing the right thing?"

Just professional marketing, done for you, so you can...

How much is it costing you each month you're stuck being the "best-kept secret" in your market?

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