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Stop wondering what you should do to market your firm, just get your marketing done (for you)

We’ve designed a simple 3-tier system to identify the best, most appropriate marketing strategies for you, transform your marketing message in just 3-days, and take care of on-going follow-up so you’re always top-of-mind with your best prospects, without spending all your time on business development.

Start with The GrowthAudit™

If you’re not happy with the quality of your clients, the number of new clients you’re getting or the fees you’re charging, a new marketing tactic won’t change any of that. The real problem is deeper–there’s a disconnect between your target client, the offer you’re making, and the message you’re using to attract them. Until you fix those things, you’ll struggle.

You want to have an offer that’s tuned into exactly what your IDEAL Clients want and value (so you’ll earn higher fees) and communicated with a clear and crisp message.

The GrowthAudit will take apart your current target market, your offer and your message to identify the disconnect, show you what needs to be fixed and recommend the most effective marketing approach to reach your goals.

And we get it all done in just 90-minutes of your time.

Your investment…just $750.
(100% of your investment is applied to any future service you purchase.)

The GrowthLaunch™

After your GrowthAudit uncovers the key opportunities to focus and clarify your target market, your message and your offer it’s time to put all three to work for you.

The GrowthLaunch is your shortcut to implementing all of the improvements to your target market, your message, and your offer that were identified in your GrowthAudit. We put together everything you need to transform your marketing in just in three days.

On Day 1 we’ll have a virtual kickoff meeting with you, from the comfort of your office, to start the day. Then our team will go to work to craft your offer, your message, and a “proprietary process” that will clearly differentiate you from your competition.

The morning of Day 2 we’ll meet again to get your feedback, then we’ll build all the website copy you’ll need, plus create and record a video that pre-sells your new offer and proprietary process.

By the end of Day 3, you’ll have totally transformed marketing, and have it implemented.

To qualify for The GrowthLaunch, you must first complete The GrowthAudit.

The GrowthFlywheel™

After your GrowthLaunch, you can keep the momentum going with done-for-you marketing every month. Using our proprietary PodcastProspecting(tm) method we’ll build a custom branded podcast just for you, strategize a list of guests to interview (potential clients and key referral sources), and book them for guest interviews on your podcast.

You’ll simply show up and talk…create great relationships fast, with the exact people you want to do business with, and create valuable weekly content that will nurture your database of potential clients, current clients, and referral sources, so you’re always top of mind. 

The GrowthFlywheel is specifically designed for firm owners who find themselves fully booked with client demands, and never seem to have enough time for business development. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

To qualify for The GrowthFlywheel, you must first complete The GrowthAudit.

"It’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Steve’s ideas are powerful…he’s changed my thinking about how to sell at premium fees and do it in an authoritative way. Steve shares specific, practical, strategies, not just fluff. This will get you thinking about the right things to get the sale and get it with authority, without feeling salesy."
Jeff Coleman
CEO, Factor Four Consulting

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