How to cut your work day in half with referrals

If you’re going to significantly cut your working time as I outlined yesterday and the day before, there is some low hanging fruit to cut.
I started almost two years ago, by cutting out every weekly and monthly networking meeting I was attending.

When I did, it also meant eliminating on the inevitable lunches and coffees with people from the groups…and the many requests to serve in leadership roles in those groups.


Instantly, I recaptured about six hours a week…a full day under my new schedule.

And while I did it, I also went from a handful of referrals a week to dozens, and added one-time bumps of 100-250 referrals in a day or two.

I did it following my own formula for getting massive referrals: Unstoppable Referrals.

If you want to work less and still increase your productivity and income, you’ve got cut out some things and start saying no.

And that’s OK…

At the same time, you’ve got to find better models for doing the stuff that must be done.

That’s the beauty of imposing constraints.

They force you to think in new and creative ways.

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