Bradley Callow | How to raise great kids (even with an entrepreneur’s schedule)


If you’ve ever been concerned that your home life suffers because of your business – and who hasn’t – you’ll want to listen in to what Bradley Callow has to say.

With his Rich Legacy organization, Bradley specializes in empowering families to not just have better relationships but also ensure that kids avoid the pitfalls of adolescence in today’s world.

Bradley’s own troubled past inspired him to take on this mission. And you’ll be surprised how he sees many parents today actually unknowingly sabotaging their children’s future. He’s got plenty of strategies for avoiding that fate too.

He even offered his personal cell number – you can text him to schedule a free coaching call.

You’ll have to listen to the end for that. Along the way you’ll discover…

  • Work/Life Balance is impossible – and what to do instead
  • How to be “intentional” with your family time
  • Why hardship and failure are vital for personal growth
  • Ways to “plan” your family like you do your business
  • Tips for changing kids’ behaviors now so it doesn’t become a lifelong issue
  • And even more...

Listen to Steve Gordon and Bradley Callow now:


00:11 Today Steve speaks with Bradley Callow, the creator of Rich Legacy, a programme that helps affluent families connect with their children.

01:16 Bradley rejects the term “Work-life balance”, he prefers “work-life integration”.

02:24 On the outside Bradley seemed to have the ideal childhood, in reality he was on drugs at 11 years of age.

08:52 Steve talks about how pain can be a good teacher.

10:17 Bradley talks about “helicopter parents” and even “bubble parents”. He describes the problems with both.

12:15 From his own experiences Steve talks about kids not being given the chance to fail.

14:01 Bradley explains his parenting approach to helping parents connect with their kids.

19:58 Bradley speaks on intentionality and how prevention is so much better than cure.

23:35 Bradley does something no other Unstoppable CEO Podcast interviewee has done…given out his personal cell number for you to contact him .

25:24 Bradley give us some articles on his site to check out.

26:41 Bradley sets out a personal challenge to all of us with families.

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Benjamin Hardy | How to Build a Million-Dollar Business in 3-Years


You can learn. You can study. But only when you take one specific step in your personal development will you see a significant ROI for your efforts. My guest this week, Benjamin Hardy, took that one step and catapulted his business to more than $1 million in revenue – a 10X jump – in just three years.

Benjamin, author the new book Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success, is a writer (the #1 author on, PhD student, and keen observer of human psychology.

He’s always been pretty ambitious. But it took a pivotal moment a few years back to channel that ambition in the right way.

He shares his approach in this episode, along with…

  • The Forcing Function Strategy for getting real results fast
  • Ways to benefit the most from your mentors (yes, you need more than one)
  • The best place to come up with your best ideas – it’s not the office
  • How to use “escalation of commitment” to achieve your goals
  • Avoiding the danger of ignoring your environment
  • And more...

Listen now to Steve Gordon and Benjamin Hardy


00:11 Today Steve speaks with the founder of Benjamin Hardy, the No.1 writer on and someone who went from making $12K a year in 2015 to over one-million dollars in 2017.

01:03 Ben tells us how he got to where he is and how fostering 3 kids pushed him to start writing.

04:15 Ben tells us why he felt a pressure to succeed.

6:42 Ben’s PHD is about the difference between wannabe entrepreneurs and real entrepreneurs. He explains to us his findings.

11:53 Ben explains how he went from $12k a year as a grad student in 2015 to over $1m in 2017.

17:13 Ben tells us that quantity is the path to quality and that’s it's better to be prolific than perfect.

23:05 Ben tells us exactly why he wrote his book and how you are a product of your environment.

26:07 Ben explains the 2 environments we find ourselves in, High Stress and High Recovery.

29:03 Ben talks about why you should take 150 “free days” a year.

32:57 Ben gives us a special link for his book.

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3 Digital Marketing Trends for Service Businesses [Traffic and Conversion Summit Edition]


In this episode you'll discover the three biggest digital marketing trends impacting service businesses. I just returned from Traffic and Conversion Summit, where the entire conference was focused on these three shifts.

I've distilled it down to principles you need to apply to your business, and explained why they're important. In just 20 minutes, you'll have a high-level game plan for marketing your firm in 2018 and beyond.

3 Digital Marketing Insights from Traffic and Conversion Summit

Here's what's inside this episode...

  1. The critical role of content in your marketing (and the unique advantage it gives you, if you do it right).
  2. How to connect with the influencers and key prospects in your niche in a new and powerful way (this is especially useful if you do tradeshow or conference marketing).
  3. A new way of creating more human experiences on your website that high-ticket prospects prefer, and will shorten your sales cycle.

How to Multiply Your Network (while spending less time networking)


In this episode, I’m excited to announce the release of my new book, The Exponential Network Strategy!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the amount of time and energy required to “network” and disappointed by the results, this episode (and the book) will help.

You’ll discover a new way to create real business relationships that lead to referral opportunities.

And, in the episode, I share how to become “The Success Journalist” in your niche...a technique for getting access to you most important prospects.

To get your copy of the book (free) go here >>

Tony Grebmeier | Secrets of Building an 8-Figure Business


What motivates you? What do you really want out of your business… and life? And how are you going to get it? You might think you’ve answered those questions long ago. But Tony Grebmeier knows you can dig deeper and find the real truth.

Everybody has trials and tribulations in their career… and at home. Tony, a partner in ShipOffers, an eight-figure supplement business, certainly had his share. But you’ll be inspired by how he dealt with his issues to find your own truth. When Tony found him, he was able to take on anything that came at him.

You’ll find out how he did it in this interview. We also get into…

  • The role of “play” in building a thriving business
  • How to take goals from fantasy to reality
  • The Curse of Me Too
  • Implementing the G.R.O.W.T.H. Mindset at work… and at home
  • Two dangerous words entrepreneurs should avoid
  • And so much more...

Listen to Steve Gordon and Tony Grebmeier now…


00:11 Today Steve speaks with the founder of Tony Grebmeier, an online business entrepreneur and co-creator of ShipOffers.

01:26 Tony tells us how he and his two friends built their online empire and what High5 does for his clients...

05:44 Tony takes us through his tough times, including the night he tried to end it all.

9:47 Steve picks up upon Tony’s notion of “want”.

11:39 Tony talks about changing his mindset from being a quitter because somebody laid out a roadmap for him to change.

14:56 Tony elaborates on the roadmap and how to change your fantasies to reality by bridging the gap from one step to another.

21:03 Tony explains how we all have the power to “choose” to be happy.

23:36 Tony talks about “getting back into the line”, instead of jumping on the next ride.

26:32 Tony tells us what ShipOffers does, a company that had 1.5m shipments last year. He also explains what “Drainers and Drivers” are.

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Russ Perry | You Have the Power to Overcome Success Roadblocks


Think about what your obituary would say if you died today. For Russ Perry, that exercise was the motivation he needed to make major changes.

Russ, founder of Design Pickle and author of new book The Sober Entrepreneur, had addiction issues that threatened to unravel his life. But the way he overcame them - and went on to create breakthrough success - can be a great model for any entrepreneur, especially those in start-up mode.

For one, Russ has channeled the “power” of addiction (everybody is addicted to something, he says) into positive energy. And he found that the best way to serve your family, your business, and yourself…is to be selfish. He’ll explain how that works during this interview, as well as…

  • Why you should double or triple your fees right now
  • The “work out” for your brain that can interrupt destructive thoughts
  • A strategy for ensuring you’re always enjoying your business
  • How to solve a profit problem in one step
  • Tips for handling the everyday stresses entrepreneurs face
  • And more

Listen to Steve Gordon and Russ Perry now…


00:11 Today Steve speaks with the founder of Design Pickle and the author of The Sober Entrepreneur, Russ Perry.

01:25 Russ credits his creativity as his driving force for his success.

03:13 Russ talks about the ATM of Happiness and how it didn’t work for him.

7:00 Russ tells us not to undervalue ourselves when starting off in business. Charge more!

10:11 Steve talks about the hardest part of his day, clearing his mind for 10 mins. They both discuss the gains you get from repeated meditation.

13:51 Russ talks about his mother and how her creating a family tree led him to restart his own by writing his book.

18:03 Russ talks about his addiction and how other successful people could still be addicted but not know it.

21:03 Russ credits a program called “Wake up Warrior” that forces you to simply speak the truth.

23:59 Russ tells us how to get a free chapter of his book.

24:46 Design Pickle allows you to ”rent” a designer for a month.

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Brad Costanzo | Spotting Lucrative Opportunities All Around You

Brad Costanzo is a unique entrepreneur in that rather than starting new businesses…he prefers to help existing businesses be better than they are.

Along the way, Brad, host of the Bacon Wrapped Business podcast, has taken his role as a consultant to a whole new level - something that his clients appreciate and has helped him personally leverage some lucrative deals.

It all starts with being curious and asking questions. He recommends every professional service provider and consultant do that with a new client.

Check out the conversation to discover…

  • Why mistakes are not failures
  • What you can tell yourself to get over fear and anxiety
  • The first question you should ask every client
  • How to recognize opportunity in your day-to-day
  • The Getting Your Hooks in Technique for landing more business
  • And more

Listen to Steve Gordon and Brad Costanzo now…

Time Line

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Brad Costanzo, an entrepreneur, strategic advisor and host of the Bacon Wrapped Business Podcast.

01:16 Brad talks about his career, beginning in sales, to starting businesses and consulting.

05:25 Brad is more motivated by fear than gain. He talks about how he views mistakes as “mis-takes”

07:45 Brad talks about the importance of momentum when starting a new venture.

11:00 Brad talks about what he’s excited about in business including purchasing an ECommerce company and working with a Billionaire and a UFC champion.

14:24 Brad tells us what he looks for in a business he wants to work with or takeover.

16:41 Brad tells us to find out as much as we can about our own clients….just in case they might want to sell.

22:15 Brad tells us how to get in contact with him.

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Perry Marshall | Evolution 2.0


Welcome to EPISODE 50!!!!!

This is Episode 50 of The Unstoppable CEO™ Podcast, and it’s a biggie…

My guest is Perry Marshall, best selling author of seven books, including: The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads, 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

But today, Perry and I are diving into his latest book—Evolution 2.0. Perry’s a brilliant marketer, and a disciplined engineer.

This is a fun, deep, and very different interview, that will expand your thinking.

And, there are unusual, seldom understood, parallels between Evolution 2.0 and your business (yes, really). You’ll have to listen to find out.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being in this conversation with Perry.

Tune-in now to Steve Gordon and Perry Marshall


00:11 Today Steve speaks with our 50th guest, Perry Marshall. One of the most respected business consultants and entrepreneurs in the world.

01:53 Perry got laid off when his wife was 3 months pregnant. He details his incredible journey from that point to where he is now.

06:18 Perry takes one of the major life questions that has confounded mankind since history began...just where did our arms come from?.

17:32 Perry breaks down some of the main points from his book Evolution 2.0 including an in depth discussion on evolution.

26:28 Perry talks the work of biologist Barbara McClintock.

35:25 Steve takes Perry’s point on gaps in evolution and shows how its happening in business today.

37:11 Perry explains how he used his own theories from Evolution 2.0 and applied it to his business. A method called the Swiss Army Knife.

40:12 Perry talks about MS DOS and a scientific experiment using antibiotics.

45:37 Perry explains his bacteria theory further..

47:38 Steve picks up on the fact the evolution is fractal.

52:55 Perry explains what The Evolution 2.0 Prize is.

55:24 Perry tells us how best to get in contact with him

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Jonathan Cronstedt | Taking Advantage of the Knowledge Commerce Boom

The online education space may seem saturated…the opportunity long past. Not so, says my guest Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi.

He maintains that thanks to two recent trends, there is a ready-to-buy audience in just about every niche.

A growing market, plus today’s technology, means it’s never been easier for anybody, from any background, to profit from what they know.

“JCron” also explains how to form a productive relationship between a company and a consultant.

Sometimes there can be friction when an outsider comes in. But he has strategies for collaboration that produces amazing outcomes.

You’ll also learn…

  • Ways to leverage “hyper-individualism” to break into new markets
  • The key differences between start-up and scale-up
  • Why simple information isn’t enough when “selling” knowledge
  • Tips for avoiding the paralysis of micro-management
  • The answer to every entrepreneur’s hardest question
  • And more

Listen to Steve Gordon and Jcron now…

Time Line

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Jonathan Cronstedt, better know as “jcron”. A dangerously dedicated executive strategist and president of Kajabi.

01:31 Jonathan explains how he ended up in Digital Marketing when he first started out in mortgage financing before the crash.

04:40 Jonathan talks about how, why and when to seek help when moving from startup to scale in your business.

08:14 Jonathan explains the different types of situations he faces when he is brought in to help a business

12:25 When Jonathan is brought in to a company, he is not looking for center stage.

16:10 Jcron talks about the future, how the information age failed us and how the knowledge will save us.

19:25 Jcron address the issue of information saturation in the market.

23:03 Jcron explains how you shouldn’t believe it when somewhen tells you a certain trendline is finished

27:05 Jcron talks about the innovative things he’s seeing in video learning.

30:34 Jcron talks about the different types of people who have information that could be released online.

34:42 Jcron tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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Josh Turner | Compelling Marketing Creates Consistent Growth

When you have a business, it’s tempting to be all things to all people. But when your target market is too big, says Josh Turner, you don’t reach anybody effectively. This B2B marketing expert recommends ways to laser focus your marketing so you can generate as many leads as you can handle.

Josh is a big fan of one social network in particular. He shares how he’s learned to use it to turn more prospects into lifelong clients and customers.

You’ll also get details on…

  • The forgotten impact of your physical health on mindset
  • Ways to generate leads on social media without “spamming”
  • How to get referrals on autopilot by building your reputation online
  • The 15-Minute Rule for overcoming negativity and getting back to work
  • The people you need in your business so you can focus on “needle movers”
  • And more…

Listen to Josh Turner and Steve Gordon now…


00:11 Today Steve speaks with Josh Turner, the WSJ bestselling author of Connect and Booked and the founder of Linkedin Selling.

01:25 Josh tells us how he realized how Linkedin could be used in a very powerful way early on.

06:19 Josh, like all of us, had a tough road in growing his business. He started off with just $5000 and a couple of credit cards.

11:02 Josh talks about the importance of working out and keeping healthy.

13:25 Josh talks about why he has refocused and reduced the number of potential drivers to push forward his company this year.

15:51 Josh talks about the changes he’s had to make as his company grew so quickly.

18:56 Steve and Josh talk at length about “Done for your services”.

23:06 Josh gives superb advice in trying and succeeding in gaining the clients you want from Linkedin.

26:48 Josh talks about how not to come across as just another person wanting to sell services on Linkedin. He gives a real-time example of helping a client with this.

32:20 Josh gives us a link to his in-depth Linkedin master class which gives a beginner to advanced guide to how best to gain clients through the platform.

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Laura Posey | Make Clear Decisions that Get You Closer to Your Ultimate Goal

For many of us, self-promotion is tough. We were raised not to brag. Laura Posey, Chief Instigator at Simple Success Plans, faced that early on in her consulting career. But when she realized one key fact about herself (you have it too), she never hesitated to promote her services proudly… and brings in a steady stream of appreciative clients as a result.

In this episode, Laura also shares a shortcut to help you make any business decision. If the answer is “no” - you let it go without guilt. Yes - you take action. It’s also a handy way to avoid “shiny object syndrome.”

Listen now to discover…

  • How to eliminate “fuzzy” goals from your business planning
  • The “boring” parts of your business you have to master before you innovate
  • What it takes to reach your biggest goals - it’s not fast, but you get there
  • Ways to train your brain to ignore the distractions that plague entrepreneurs
  • The key to envisioning the “Big Picture” that gives you confidence, purpose, and perspective

Listen to Laura Posey and Steve Gordon now…


00:11 Today Steve speaks with Laura Posey. Laura is an internationally recognized speaker, a consultant in sales and marketing and creator of the Simple Success Plans website.

01:19 Laura tells us how she started off in business. From pizza to car sales to insurance to the point where she realized she wasn't cut out for the corporate world.

04:39 In order to overcome obstacles and refocus, Laura goes back to her old emails from clients telling her how much she has helped to change their lives.

06:50 Laura does have days where she wishes she had a normal job but knows she’d get bored in 20mins!

09:28 Did you YOU sell Cutco Knives?

10:24 Laura talks about the shift from selling stuff to selling yourself and how she got over the self-doubt.

14:30 Laura talks about people who read lots of books and go to conferences but asks why they never implemented what they read or heard?.

15:49 Laura’s index card trick.

18:47 Steve reveals the big secret about conferences.

20:33 Laura talks about how important planning is for your business and how you're not going to double the size of your business by working twice as hard.

27:07 “The average person makes 35,000 decisions a day”

29:21 Steve talks about doing his first strategic plan and Laura explains how to boil it down using the 80/20 rule.

36:07 Laura tells us how to get in contact with her and how her daily success checklist can help you immediately.

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Top 10 Unstoppable CEO Podcast Episodes of 2017

Bob Serling | Next Level Networking that Leads to Breakthrough Business Partnerships

The popular image of an entrepreneur is going solo… being independent. But my guest this week, copywriter and joint venture expert Bob Serling, advocates a different approach that allows you to leverage the expertise and contacts of others. You can use his strategies if you’re selling a product or seeking clients for your professional services… even trying to find work in a new career path.

Your business will move forward exponentially, says Bob, when you leave behind a winner-take-all attitude and instead help others be successful first.

That’s just one of the counterintuitive concepts Bob shares. And they’re proven to work - it’s how he created a best-selling toy with the world’s top skateboarder, despite starting with zero experience in the industry.

Tune in to discover…

  • The secret ingredient to a successful business most entrepreneurs don’t understand
  • Where to find the game-changers for your business - they’re closer than you think
  • Why you should avoid traditional networking… and what to do instead
  • The one thing you must do before creating a product or trying to sell it
  • How to quickly make yourself credible to those who can help you the most


Listen now to Steve Gordon and Bob Serling…


Time Line

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Bob Serling. Bob has over 30 years experience in marketing,he is the founder of Profit Alchemy and a guru for joint ventures.

01:34 Bob is interested in people with unique ideas has that's the way he himself is wired. This has led him to working with a wide variety of different sectors.

03:33 Bob discusses the school system and how it categorises you into predetermined “buckets”.

05:26 Bob recognises that in order to be different you have to do different things that other people aren't doing. Bob goes in depth in how he did this throughout his career.

15:46 Bob explains the power of just sending out a simple email.

18:19 Bob explains how not being greedy leads to much more money.

19:50 Bob tells us why only 2% of potential products get to market.

15:49 Laura’s index card trick.

22:08 Bob explains what the key is to making joint ventures work because as many as 70% fail. He goes in depth in how to build great relationships.

30:28 Bob talks about trying to get people to do interviews for him and about his 15 min email academy.

35:41 Steve explains what the “Hamster wheel of Death” is.

36:57 If you an introvert, emailing is for you.

38:18 Steve and Bob give great examples of using email lists.

41:01 Bob gives further examples of his work with a client in a joint venture.

43:59 Bob tells us how to get in contact with him

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Laura Roeder | Going from Solopreneur to 7-figure CEO

If you’re transitioning from being a freelancer to building your own company - and you’re struggling (who isn’t?), you don’t want to miss this talk with Laura Roeder. She was a freelance designer and is now CEO of a 30-employee company that offers the popular social media automation tool, Edgar.

As the owner/founder, you’re often the bottleneck slowing your company’s progress. Laura has solid tips for recognizing and overcoming your self-inflicted obstacles to growth.

She also shares strategies for avoiding social media burnout and using this marketing channel effectively.

Check out this episode now to find out…

  • Ways to avoid “Monkey in the Middle” Syndrome
  • How to make sure you’re actually delegating
  • Which type of people you need to take your business to the next level
  • A social media strategy that gets results - and takes less work
  • The two types of social posts getting the most traction now


And that’s just a small taste…

Listen now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Laura Roeder. Laura is the founder of Edgar, a social media app designed to prevent status updates from ever going to waste.

00:54 Laura gives us a quick recap of where she's at.

02:23 When trying to overcome problems, Laura had found that staying present has been one of her greatest assets and how the comparison is the thief of joy.

06:18 Laura talks about being a new CEO and how having to delegate work and not be the “monkey in the middle”.

09:11 Laura talks about hiring people to do jobs that she can’t do.

11:20 Laura talks about being pregnant when launching Edgar and how it actually helped her.

13:59 Laura talks about the steps that led her to build Edgar.

16:45 Steve and Laura talk about Edgar and how to repeat blog posts are not an issue.

20:52 Laura explains that simply posting more often can be the best way of reaching more people.

26:08 Laura discusses how video is fast becoming the new best marketing trend and why you should narrow your social media platforms.

33:29Laura tells us how best to get in contact with her.

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Dov Gordon | Figure Out Your “Ultimate Destination” as an Entrepreneur and Your Path Will Be Clear

Have you ever fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to others? Their success… their achievements… actually, have nothing to do with you, says my guest this week Dov Gordon. Dov helps people in the corporate world transition into becoming six-figure consultants and coaches. But anyone who’s struggling to grow a new business can benefit from his strategies.

In this episode, he shares techniques for clearing away “mental blocks” so you can tackle - and achieve - your biggest, boldest goals. And he’ll highlight the only three things you need to create the business success you deserve.

Listen in now to discover…

  • When you should listen to your gut - even if your brain is yelling at you to stop
  • How to find the right answers… by asking better questions
  • The dangers of long-term thinking
  • Why “outside” feedback can give you the clarity - and kick in the butt - you need
  • Everybody feels self-doubt - here’s how to get over it ASAP
  • And more


Listen to Dov Gordon now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Dov Gordon. Dov is a consultant who helps all types of professionals find their ideal clients.

01:02 Dov clears up that he and Steve aren’t actually brothers.

02:34 Dov tells us how he started off in consulting, without any knowledge of consulting at just 22.

05:45 Things never go to plan like all the books say they will. Dov had some particularly tough times. He tells us how his “inner knowing” that it will all work out drove him through his problems.

10:07 Dov comes across as very confident. However Dov says that nobody would swap each other's problems and how the money always comes up not when you want it, but when you need it.

15:50 Steve explains why it's so hard to figure out what you really want.

17:21 Dov Tells us how he believes that we all have a purpose and tells us the only 3 things you’ll ever need to know in life.

23:57Steve talks about when he first asked Dov for help and how he paused over the fee.

27:36 When it comes to investment, Steve usually says yes.

29:36 Dove goes in depth in explaining how people with the same goals always end up meeting each other and “you can’t be a pigeon consultant and attract regal clients”.

40:02 Dov tells us what he is getting excited about in business today.

41:59 Dov has a VERY special gift exclusively for Unstoppable CEO listeners!.

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Hugh Culver | What your clients really want (not what you think)

If you teach businesses how to boost their social media profile, create webinars, or similar… check out a new approach to working with clients from Hugh Culver of Stand Out Social. There’s an alternative to teaching that will ensure they follow through and see results. And when your clients succeed in this way… you succeed because they hire you again and again - automatically. This is how Hugh grew his latest business to six figures in just 10 months.

Hugh also shares what happened when he finally stopped trying to be the hardest worker in his business. And that’s just the start.

Check out the episode to find out…

  • How to get the most out of your mastermind group - if they don’t “scare” you, you’re wasting your time
  • The weekly ritual with your team that can change everything in your business
  • Ways to pre-qualify clients so you only work with those that will be successful
  • Where to find the right employees so you can escape the day-to-day - and focus on growing the business
  • Details on a profitable alternative to teaching and consulting - your clients are dying for this right now
  • And more


Listen now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Hugh Culver. Hugh is the CEO of SOS and the author of Give me a break: The art of making time work for you.

01:12Hugh tells us how he started in the business, white water rafting with his brother.

02:53 Hugh tells us how he sold his business and what he learned from it was that equating being busy as success was wrong.

06:30Hugh explains how putting in long hours constantly is a bad idea.

09:07 Hugh explains how writing his book 5 years ago changed everything.

13:17 “You do not want to be the smartest person in the room”.

15:12 Hugh talks about his done for you service and goes in-depth giving examples of other great service providers.

23:24 In order to free up more time Hugh decided to get help but chooses to hire locally rather than the cheaper option from abroad.

27:36 When it comes to investment, Steve usually says yes.

28:29Hugh tells us exactly what SOS does and breaks down their process on how they drive more traffic to your website.

35:00To find out what you should change in your business Hugh tells us you first have to look at your own pain.

Mentioned in the show

Craig Ballantyne | Don’t Just Set Goals - Achieve Them

Having an ambitious goal is all well and good, says my guest this week Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula and creator of related business coaching programs and workshops. But, cautions Craig, a goal without a plan will get you nowhere. It’s all about preparation and consciously putting the right elements in place so you have a clear of what you must do… a support system to keep you motivated… a source of professional advice in case you get stuck… and the right push: to compel you to get to work now.

He calls them the 5 Pillars of Success. And in this episode, Craig explains how to use these simple but effective strategies to achieve breakthroughs in your business and personal life.

Listen in to learn…

  • Why normal planning isn’t enough… and how to take it to the next level
  • How to create tangible action steps to achieve your “big picture” goals
  • Where to find the “paid pain the ass” who will keep you on track
  • Two types of accountability that ensure you don’t slack off
  • Ways to transform your values into goals that will change your life


Listen to Craig Ballantyne and Steve Gordon now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Craig Ballantyne, the author of The Perfect Day Formula, Men's Health and coach to high-level entrepreneurs.

01:23 Craig tells us how he started off in business coaching entrepreneurs.

03:02 Craig explains his 5 Pillars Of Success which can help anyone overcome difficulties.

04:11 Pillar #1: Better Planning And Preparation Than Ever Before.

05:36 Craig breaks down his 90-day plan.

08:21 Pillar #2: Professional Accountability.

09:33Craig explains why it's important to have someone who will hold you accountable.

10:44 Pillar #3: Positive Social Support.

12:20 Pillar #4: Incentive

15:18 Pillar #5: The Big Deadline

18:36 Craig talks about his Coaching Life Workshops and The Perfect Life Retreat and the benefit of taking yourself out of your regular work environment.

21:51 Craig explains why he tries to be a “polite and courteous British gentleman.”

23:00 Craig talks about the rules for his life.

Mentioned in the show

John Curry | The Foundation for Successful Sales You Might Be Missing

A successful salesperson is slick and manipulative, right? No deal, says my guest this week, financial advisor and master salesman John Curry. Over his 40 years in the field, John has refined the real foundation of sales.  

You’re Going to love today’s interview...

John shares Mindset secrets that will immediately improve your ability to sell.

Adopt this philosophy and the money will follow, says John.

Listen in to find out…

  • An easy technique for taking pressure off a customer
  • What you’re really selling - it’s not your product or service
  • The Surgeon’s Posture Secret for boosting your sales numbers
  • Why giving your prospect permission to say “no” often leads to “yes”
  • A technique for being at peace with rejection - it boosts your confidence too


Listen now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with long time friend John Curry. John has been working at the pinnacle of retirement planning for over 30 years and is considered one of the best salespeople in the country.

03:11 John tells us about “Purity of Intent” and why you should “Focus on the mission, not the commission”.

06:19 John tells us that we are all liars!

08:17 John tells us how he wasn’t always a master salesman. He explains how rhino skin and allowing people the option to say to to him made him a master of the art.

16:53 Steve explains the his “Surgeons Posture” and how he uses it with every potential client.

20:54 Steve and John discuss how the “ABC” of sales is wrong. John gives us some examples from his own life from heart issues to suicide.

26:43 Steve talks about how John approach to selling has led him to sell life insurance to people who were completely against it.

36:00 Steve is a geomatic engineer. Who knew? He explains to us how he ended up in marketing

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Joel Erway | The Fastest Way to Conversion, the Simplest Way to the Sale

Even in the Internet era, an in-person sales presentation can be a very effective way for certain businesses to market their products or services. This week’s guest, Joel Erway, Chief Strategist for the Webinar Agency, has found a way to blend these direct sales methods with digital marketing strategies to create a blockbuster selling tool. He does it with webinars - but unlike any you’ve seen before. In the process, he’s helped his clients increase revenues in a big way. One went from one sale a week to 14 - a 1,300% boost!

In this episode, Joel reveals what makes his “next generation” webinars - and entire marketing strategy - different… and so powerful. If you’re a professional service provider, this is worth a listen.

Tune in now and you’ll learn…

  • Where most online sales presentations fail… and what to do about it
  • Techniques for appealing to the most skeptical buyers
  • A strategy to bridge the gap between digital marketing and live sales
  • Ways to avoid getting tripped up on metrics that don’t matter
  • How to draw on past skills to fuel success now


Listen now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Joel Erway, the chief strategist of The Webinar Agency and webinar guru.

01:08 Joel realized as many of us do that his first job out of college wasn’t for him. He tells the story of how he went from engineering to marketing to digital entrepreneurship.

07:10 Steve and Joel talk about why so many engineers end up in digital marketing

09:49 Joel tells us his story of leaving his 6 figure job and dealing with the tough problems that arose and the path he took.

20:12 Joel talks about his early mistakes from FB ads to automation before forming his unique “mini-webinar” idea.

26:18Steve breaks down why you should shift your marketing from 1-1 to 1 to many.

28:39 Joel “ People focus on details that don’t make them money”

31:00 Steve explains why we should all keep things nice and simple.

32:23 Joel’s moto for 2017 “Make the F¢#king offer!”

34:56 Steve goes back to the 60s.

36:17 Joel talks about the marketing pyramid and how building a $5,000 ticket will make you a million a year.

38:13 Joel tells us the best ways of getting his content and getting in contact with him.

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Michael Zipursky | Embracing Imperfection in Your Business

Perfection is your biggest enemy, says our guest this week, Michael Zipursky of Michael says it’s an issue holding back many of the consultants and professional service providers he’s worked with over the years. Michael sees tremendous value in what he calls “Imperfect Action.” Don’t spend all your time fine-tuning your offer, value proposition, product, or service. Just put it out there… then learn how to make it better based on what the marketplace tells you.

That’s how to make consistent progress and grow your business. Patience, focus, and a willingness to make mistakes is key too.

And that’s just the start. Tune in now to hear Michael explain…

  • What matters more than tactics, strategy, and technology
  • The dangers of Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Ways to achieve meaningful success that counts
  • The myth of the Magic Bullet for your business
  • How to create proposals that are easy for your clients to say yes to


Listen now as Michael Zipursky joins me on the podcast…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with Michael Zipursky, an entrepreneur, a coach to elite consultants and the CEO of

01:23 Michael gives us a quick rundown of his career, starting with the creating a consulting business in college with his cousin

04:15 Michael talks about how he deals with challenges and how important it is to stay focused on your plan.

07:42 Michael explains that the really good, long-standing companies out there are masters of subtraction rather than attraction.

12:19 Michael tells us about his book, The Elite Consulting Mind, and how your mindset really is the most important thing in business.

16:46 Michael and Steve go in depth about the issue if delaying your progress until everything is perfect instead of “imperfect action”.

24:43 Michael explains how to level up if you're a small business and gives and in-depth explanation of how to put a proposal together.

31:48 Michael tells us how best to get your hands on his book.

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