How to get it all done in just 6-hours a day

I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who didn’t want to work less and make more.
At the end of the day we’re all trading time for money, it’s just the ratio that differs.

So yesterday I was on a call with a client and shared my transition to a 6-hour work day (from a 12-15 hour work day).

He was shocked…and wanted to know more.

You too?

OK, I’ll share the three things I’m doing to make it possible.

First, the reason for doing it…

80/20 says there’s an unbalanced, almost inverse relationship between effort and results. To get greater and greater results…do less.

The trick is figuring out what to do, and how to physically do less.

Here’s the three step plan I’m using:

#1. Raise prices: This forces two important things to happen. Profitability goes up. It forces you to figure out how to deliver more value. (I’ll be covering how to do this in the next issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL.)

#2. Constrict hours: The only way to work fewer hours each day is to do it. I’ve tried for years to “manage time better” so that I could work less. Nothing worked until I DECIDED to simply work fewer hours.

#3. Focus on one thing. For me it’s been referral marketing. There’s a second part to this one…Focus on one thing AND be OK with everything else not getting done.

You can’t have the first part, without the second. ‘Cause lots of stuff won’t get done. (And probably shouldn’t.)

Have I been perfect at executing this? Not on your life.

But I’ve been much closer to my ideal than ever before.

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