Secrets of the hundred-grand weekly wage

Over the last two months I’ve had the opportunity to watch a high-level consultant work a client relationship into…
…a fee exceeding one-hundred-thousand dollars for five days of work.

Work that is largely a compilation of work done for others…customized for the client paying this fee.

It’s been a real and valuable “peek behind the curtain” into how price and money work.

I’ve learned three big lessons in observing all of this play out:

#1. Just when you think you’re on the high-end of fees in your industry…you realize there’s another level beyond that you never knew existed.

#2. The secret to setting your fees starts with asking the question: “What do I want to make?” NOT “What will they pay?”

#3. The same tools and insights I’ve used to get 2x, 3x, even 10x market prices are the stock-in-trade of the experts getting 100x market prices.

I’ve created a detailed blueprint for commanding premium prices in your market, specifically designed for the business owner who’s sick and tired of working fingers-to-the-bone for a pittance, frustrated by a never-ending-stream of low-ball competitors who do half the job, while you do it right (and suffer), and ready to finally climb up and out of the commodity trap and position yourself as THE premium provider in your market.

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