When should you stop following-up with a prospect

My book, The Follow-up Formula: How to Follow-up with Prospects Without Being Creepy is now available. It’s filled with examples and templates you can use to make following-up with prospects easy. Last week, we covered how long to wait before you follow-up after sending proposal. But what if you’ve followed-up and you get total radio

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Proposals: How Long Should You Wait to Follow-up?

As you know I’ve finished a new book: The Follow-up Formula: How to Follow-up with Prospects Without Being Creepy. In the book, I give you a complete follow-up plan and you can even get pre-written follow-up emails. It’s available here. This question comes up again and again from our clients, and I’m sure you’ve wondered

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How should I respond to this LinkedIn message?

I get that question at least once a week from a client. Most of the time, the normal instinct is to “return fire” with a message that says it all, but that’s a mistake. In this short article, I’ll show you the biggest mistakes to avoid, and how to quickly and easily send effective follow-up

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Attention is the Key Growth Metric

I was starting to fume a little…which is not like me. Erin could tell I was about to walk out of the restaurant. It had been over an hour since we placed our order. I’d tried and tried to get the attention of the waiter. When he finally came back to the table, he told

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