Making “Referrals” A Predictable Source of Clients

If you’re selling high-ticket, long sales cycle, services or products…
…and you want to build a predictable stream of clients…

I wouldn’t start online.

I wouldn’t start with direct mail.

I wouldn’t start with speaking or trade shows or ads…

I’d start with referrals.

It’s the only way to leapfrog the long sales cycle.

But most do referrals 1-by-1.

They don’t get many because they expect their client or referral partner to do the prospecting for them.

They build in a hidden, high-wall, between more referrals and them and they never know it.

Your clients won’t tell you…they just won’t refer.

But, tear down the wall…make it easy for them to send the right people to you and you can have a very predictable stream of new prospects and clients by Friday.

I’ve coached dozens of business owners 1-on-1 to go from no predictable flow of new clients to an almost instant stream of referrals, leading to clients.

Allan was one…you can read how he did it here.


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