What to do when your referrals aren’t local

Jasser writes from Canada… “I’ve read your book and subscribe to The Unstoppable CEO™ Confidential. I can’t tell you how helpful these resources have been for me. I feel as though there are so many new doors that are open for me now and it’s up to me to just walk through all of them.

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If you had to master just one skill…

  If you had to master just ONE skill to grow your business it’s this… Finding prospects. See, most people can close prospects… They can do it reasonably well, without manipulative sales tactics and “magic” scripts… Just by having a good and useful product or service and being authentic. For most closing isn’t the problem…

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How NOT to approach a prospect in email

I got an email from a new subscriber today and I think it’s instructive… Her opening line: “Please let me help you with your marketing campaign before you damage your brand!” She goes on to say… “I am sure you have a great idea but you completely lost me with all these spam emails.” First

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From the Ad Agency Malpractice Case File…

Some days when you need something, the universe provides… Ad agency malpractice on themselves (at least surgeons have a harder time self-inflicting the damage!). Just as I sat down at the rusty old typewriter to pen today’s message, inspiration was delivered, by an “ad agency” (term used loosely) here where I live. I know the

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How to choose a niche—Cliff Notes Edition

When the Internet business craze hit, much anxiety flowed from the first necessary decision… Choosing a niche. But the hurdle of choosing a niche (or market…or IDEAL Client) isn’t new or limited to Internet businesses. I believe it’s essential to accelerating success. Unfortunately “niche selection” is as far as many get…then they get stuck there

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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