Why 2015 may not be “your best year ever”

  Right now across the Internet, “gurus,” “sages” and would-be experts are loading up their autoresponders with a special message for you… That 2015 will be your best year ever! [Guru Fine Print: Best year ever only applies when you buy the super special, “all secrets revealed”, magic pill, hi ho Silver bullet, panacea cure

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Why so few succeed selling at higher prices

I’m on-site with a client today and thought I’d give you a picture of what marketing at the highest level looks like… This client is selling six-figure consulting contracts to corporations… A complicated sale to say the least. Each sale requires “selling” a half-dozen executives on the deal. Only one can say “yes”, but all

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Answering the backlash

Kent writes in… ”You may have noticed there is a mounting backlash against…inbound attraction marketing by somewhat more tradition bound sales specialists labeling this as passive “hopium”–an addiction to passively waiting for someone to like us so much that they call or email rather than being in “action” before you go broke.  Not sure if

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What you don’t want to believe about getting clients to call you

An interesting discussion has been going on in one of my mastermind groups… And the truth is, you probably won’t believe what’s been said… Don’t want to believe what’s been said… Getting clients to call you… …To *sell* you on selecting *them*, instead of you selling them on buying you… To make that happen, without

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Panhandling for clients

Three approaches to getting referrals. The first…the traditional…the one you’ve done, tried to do, are doing… You “beg” for the referral. You say would you, could you, set a date for me with *someone*, *anyone* who could use my Whatzit. You’re panhandling for clients, and you’ll take whatever someone throws your way. You’ll run after

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