The Insider Secret Behind Unstoppable Referrals

I was asked last week, why my approach to referrals (described in my book) works so quickly for people who’ve otherwise struggled to get referrals.
Here’s the answer I gave…I thought you’d find it useful.

The “secret” is the direction of the interaction…

The traditional approach to referrals is a sales approach. It’s based on the worldview that you’ve got to hunt down dinner and you only eat what you kill.

So, you hunt for referrals…you chase (referral partners and prospects).

And they, naturally, run away.

My approach is a marketing approach…

Identify a target group of prospects…

Match your message to your prospects and put it in front of them…

See who shows up—they’re the real prospects.

They don’t need to be “sold”, “chased” or “closed”.


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