How to get your referral kit done this week

If you’ve read Unstoppable Referrals you know that the best way to get lots of referrals quickly is to package up useful information and offer it as the “carrier” for new referrals.
It’s THE single easiest way I’ve ever found for unlocking lots of referrals in a hurry.

One of the cornerstone formats for your referral kit is an event…

Where you’re the star, “on-stage” sharing your Referral Kit content in the form of a speech.

For high-ticket sales, it’s one of the best ways to move from 1-to-1 selling and get leverage, selling to many at the same time.

And, if you’ve decided to create a book or report as your main Referral Kit, an event is an excellent way to “plus” your referral efforts (see Chapter 12 in Unstoppable Referrals for examples and a plan).

If you’re considering adding an event to your referral attracting system, or if you’re already doing events, grab a copy of Michael Port’s new, very good, and free e-book “The Heroic Public Speaking Guide To Making World Saving Speeches”

It’s got 50 tips—some are obvious, most are things you’d overlook—to make your speaking more effective.

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