When you need clients fast…

I’m often asked, “What’s the fastest way to get clients?”
There are a thousand ways to go about it, but if I had to choose just one to use in perpetuity (forsaking all others), it’d be…


Speaking gives you three monumental advantages:

#1. You’re face to face—it’s by far the most effective way to sell.

#2. You’re working one-to-many. You get time, leverage AND built-in social proof.

#3. It’s often the fastest way to generate a boatload of referrals—easy for referral partners to invite prospects to your informational speech.

But speaking scares most more than death (no seriously, there was a study done…death was the 2nd most feared event. Speaking was #1)…

I’m just thankful my early speeches were long before cell-phone video.

But I got better, and speaking became more profitable as I improved.

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