Why big referrals don’t just happen

Yesterday, I shared the crazy story of a 6-figure referral.
A couple of readers wrote in to say that essentially what created that very profitable referral was, well…


I’ll admit, the thread from the referrer was thin…I’ve never met the person who referred that client.

And that’s the point.

You cannot know where the referrals are.

If you did, you’d have more of them!

In my book, Unstoppable Referrals, I show you the mechanics of casting a wide net that’s easy and inviting for referral partners and for referred prospects to jump into.

But that’s just the beginning of the work…and it’s really just the surface of what goes into pulling in “whale” clients using referrals.

Think for a moment about what it would take to attract a “whale” client referral to your business (whatever “whale” means to you)…

To have them show up, unconcerned with price and only focused on getting what you’ve got as fast as you can give it to them…

Do you have a system to do this now?

Is it working?

In next month’s issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL, I’ll be walking you through the deep parts of that system, show you exactly why it works and put into very plain terms why this is one of the fastest ways to simplify your business (and your life for that matter)…

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So, there you have it…if this is a fit for you, jump on now and save some cash. And, if not…no worries, we’ll talk again tomorrow, friend.


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– Dennis Scarry, Time Saver Accounting

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