The Apple School of Client Ascension

I was traveling this week and looked down at Wednesday’s USA Today cover story sitting outside my hotel room door…
Right there on the cover was the secret to Apple’s phenomenal success (yep…they survive this security deal).

The photo was of the line of people ALREADY waiting outside in New York City for the iPhone 6…assumed to be happening on September 9th…six days later.

A couple of observations…

#1. Other than rock concerts, can you think of another time when people sat outside in the elements for days to buy something?

Apple engineers this EVERY TIME they release something new.

#2. I’ll bet cash money the people in line ALREADY HAVE AN iPHONE!!!!

The groupies are back for more…ascending to the next product.

Just like the ones who waited for concert tickets. They’d bought all the albums, the posters and t-shirts and most had seen a show before.

They are repeat buyers. Apple is offering them (at this point) nothing more than a hint of something more, new and cool(er).

Most in that line in NY have no idea what the new phone will actually include or even look like.

Now…the easy thing to do is read this and say, “but they’re Apple.”

Better to ask the question, “How can I create even a little fraction of anticipation and a reason for my best customers to line up, ready and willing to ‘upgrade’?”


P.S. One last observation…Apple does all of this while selling at PREMIUM PRICES. There’s a clue.

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