Who made you king?

I get harassed about the Game of Thrones on a regular basis by my beautiful wife. She’s read all five books and eagerly awaiting the sixth. I can’t get through the first chapter of book one. But I’ve heard her talking enough to know that there are lots of kings taking and being taken from

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How to spot Don Quixote in a business suit

Last night I was at a meeting and there before me stood Don Quixote. Wearing a snappy blue suit and wing tips. He was explaining how his customers had big “problems” that he felt must be remedied, forthwith. Seemed like a valiant and noble cause… For the good of humanity! Then he went on… Confused,

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How to become instantly attractive

Hold your horses…not THAT kind of attractive. There’s no bottle of magic face glop at the end of this post…I promise! 🙂 No, I mean attractive to prospects. To referral partners. To clients. You know the answer. It’s all the rage in the business books and blogs these days. You need to do to things

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What to do when referral partners let you down

You know that moment don’t you? When you connect with that special person at the conference and it seems like you two are the perfect compliment to one another… You both get excited about the possibility of “growing a mutually beneficial relationship”… Then the conference ends. You go home. And you both wonder, “What’s the

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Are you making this mistake in business?

An awful lot of business people make the game way more complicated than it really is. The mistake they make is understandable. It’s a natural reaction that develops in the early stages of business, driven by the need to eat. Unfortunately very few entrepreneurs ever grow out of it. And that’s a problem. It keeps

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