How to get referral partners to go to work

The Numero Uno frustration I hear…again, and again, and again about referral partners is this:
“We had lunch, we hit it off, but other than being friendly every time we bump into each other, nothing happened. I even sent him a referral!”


Happens all the time.

So, is this a bad referral partner?

Not necessarily.

Especially if you’re in a hard-to-refer business (i.e. people pay you a lot of moola or they’ve got to REALLY trust you before buying).

There are two steps to turning a do-nothing referral partner into a Champion Promoter for your business…

#1. Become the easiest person to refer that they know…your Referral Kit will accomplish this for you (instantly).

(Having trouble figuring out how to build your kit? Click here to tell me where you’re stuck and there’s a good chance I’ll address your question in a future email.)

#2. Train them how to use your kit to open doors for you (See Chapters 8, 9 & 10 in my book).

Now…go back to some of your referral partners and make them Promoters!

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