What to do when your referrals aren’t local

Jasser writes from Canada…
“I’ve read your book and subscribe to The Unstoppable CEO™ Confidential. I can’t tell you how helpful these resources have been for me. I feel as though there are so many new doors that are open for me now and it’s up to me to just walk through all of them.  

I wanted to get your thoughts so on virtual customers.  Well they aren’t virtual customers per se but they are customers that live very far away from me that I’ve never met before.  It’s pretty hard if not impossible for me to hand them my referral kit and mine a list of their contacts that could also benefit from my service.”

Maybe you too have long-distance clients. How do you handle them? How do you get referrals when you can’t hand your referral kit across a table?

There are two issues here…

#1. Finding a format that can be delivered from afar. That’s easy…the postal service will send your kit anywhere in the world for a few bucks. Email works too (though it’s easier to ignore).

And, webinars are fantastic Referral Kits. In fact, I have a good friend who’s steadily built a solid business by simply offering a webinar to the contacts of his clients and referral partners (Promoters).

#2. Uncovering who your far away clients know. This is a bit more challenging, but not much…it requires you do something rare in business.

Take an interest in your clients!

Talk to them. Find out where and how they meet up with other possible clients for you.

The answers are just a phone call away.

Now somewhere out in the Interworlds someone is reading this and saying, but Steve…I have thousands of clients. How can I talk to them all?

I don’t know. But ask yourself…wouldn’t your business be stronger if you figured out how?


Photo courtesy of Marc Levin.

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