How NOT to approach a prospect in email

I got an email from a new subscriber today and I think it’s instructive…
Her opening line:

“Please let me help you with your marketing campaign before you damage your brand!”

She goes on to say…

“I am sure you have a great idea but you completely lost me with all these spam emails.”

First I’m damaging my brand, now I’m a spammer.


“CEOs are busy people, they don’t have time to read through emails like this!”

She’s received 3 emails and knows my market better than I!

And now for what she’s really after…

“I would love to help you develop an effective inbound strategy.”

Oh…she wants my wallet.

Now, two lessons…

1. This is a BAD way to start a conversation, that you want to end with “I can help you with that…”

2. AND MORE IMPORTANT…I do what I do because the data (counted in dollars) says it works better. No other reason. If it worked better to mail once a year, guess what…you’d get just ONE of these from me. If it worked better to send it three times a day…well, you know.

When you begin to put yourself out to the world, you’ll get all sorts of feedback (good and bad) from people who believe they know your business better than you, who are often well meaning, yet have no vote.

Don’t be fooled into listening to them…follow the votes (the little green ones). Those are the people that count.


Photo courtesy epsos.

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