From the Ad Agency Malpractice Case File…

Some days when you need something, the universe provides…
Ad agency malpractice on themselves (at least surgeons have a harder time self-inflicting the damage!).

Just as I sat down at the rusty old typewriter to pen today’s message, inspiration was delivered, by an “ad agency” (term used loosely) here where I live.

I know the owner, but haven’t spoken in so long I can’t remember the date…

I’m not a prospect for him and he knows it…

Yet, in my inbox appears a cold email, their logo appearing in three locations “above the fold” with a GIANT headline:

“Get Great Resources, Great Ideas & See Great Work”

The call to action: “Click Here to Like Us on Facebook!”

And the reason why…”Like us on Facebook and, like…we’ll give you, like…5 reasons to, like…REALLY like us!”

And no, sadly, I’m not making that up.

That was it…the whole thing.

Because everyone likes to watch a slow motion collision, let’s dissect…

1. The obvious: Why should I care? This is about them, not me. (This is the #1 most common and heinous mistake you can possibly make with your marketing. Better to not send it than to send a purely selfish message.)

2. The less obvious, yet more critical: This alleged group of advertising professionals concocted a strategy to get “Likes”. The value of a Like is now known in THEIR profession to be virtually zero. Better to have asked for an email address as quid pro quo for something actually useful to the prospect.

3. I got professionally curious so I clicked…here’s the next thing they have to say:

“5 Reasons You’ll REALLY Like [Name of Firm Withheld to Protect the Guilty]

1. You’ll get great marketing and advertising advice and tips for free, every week!
2. We’ll have some fun and entertaining content to share. We’ll show you top creative ideas from around the world!
3. You’ll get special discount offers if you follow us!
4. You’ll see some of our best work, to help inspire your creativity!
5. We’ll give you 4 hours of free services if you plan to meet with us and discuss your marketing needs!”

All of this is “nice” but doesn’t address the reader’s marketing problem which is almost always…




The great opportunity in using something like email for marketing is that it affords you the ability to demonstrate what you do, to showcase your knowledge, to be an expert, trusted advisor, confidant. Opportunity squandered here.

If they miss it in their own marketing, what will they do to a client?

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