How to choose a niche—Cliff Notes Edition

When the Internet business craze hit, much anxiety flowed from the first necessary decision…
Choosing a niche.

But the hurdle of choosing a niche (or market…or IDEAL Client) isn’t new or limited to Internet businesses.

I believe it’s essential to accelerating success.

Unfortunately “niche selection” is as far as many get…then they get stuck there for two reasons:

#1. They FEAR limiting who *could* be a client. No matter who you are, you can’t and won’t get everybody on the planet to give you money, so, by definition you’re going after a niche of humanity.

The only question is this: Will you be INTENTIONAL about which niche of humanity you serve?

And, more important to your sanity…since you can’t get ‘em all, better to go get the ones you want, the ones you like and the ones who’ll provide the most profit.

#2. When facing the decision you’ve got infinite choice. So, you search for the “perfect” niche. And search and search…

Let me help.

There is no perfect niche, but some are better than others.

Here’s how to know…

If the niche you’re looking at is growing at 10% per year (or faster), it’s a good one and you don’t have to be a superstar to make it work.

Just pick a growing market and get moving.

Once you’ve got your niche identified, slice it and dice it until you’re in a category of one…and you’re golden.

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