Getting ready for the whale hunt

From the very first day I started in business I’ve been a whale hunter.
To this day, I can still “feel” what it was like for my 10-person firm to win a $1 million contract the first time…

And BEAT three national firms who thought we were a joke.

That was 20-years ago…and it got me hooked.

Back then, I was young, brand new at business and was mostly fumbling in the dark.

If only…

Now, I know how to get ready for the hunt.

How to build a whale trap…

And get ’em to swim in happily and willingly.

Whale clients are attracted to one thing:

Your authority.

IF you’re an authority, it’s easier for them to make a decision.

Hiring you is less risky…you’re the authority. If they don’t get you, who can they get?

Paying you whale FEES makes sense…after all, you ‘da man (or woman).

Standing in line, waiting their turn and complying with YOUR terms is simply what they expect…you’re in charge.

It really is the secret to hunting whales (well, actually not much of a secret…everybody knows it…few actually do it).


P.S. I’ve had a number of emails from subscribers this week asking if I offer 1-on-1 help to attract and land whale clients. What I do isn’t right for everyone, but if you’re curious about getting individual help for your business here’s where to start:


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