How to spot Don Quixote in a business suit

Last night I was at a meeting and there before me stood Don Quixote.
Wearing a snappy blue suit and wing tips.

He was explaining how his customers had big “problems” that he felt must be remedied, forthwith.

Seemed like a valiant and noble cause…

For the good of humanity!

Then he went on…

Confused, it seemed, by the indifference his “subjects” showed to his generous and valuable act of problem solving.

In fact, he said many didn’t know they had a problem and those that did, showed not a care.

Being a brave and courageous soul, he carried forward in his business crusade, despite the indifference.

Committed to fighting on…solving problems even if no one wants or values the solution…because after all, HE can see the problem.

Carry on dear Don.

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