How to become instantly attractive

Hold your horses…not THAT kind of attractive.
There’s no bottle of magic face glop at the end of this post…I promise! 🙂

No, I mean attractive to prospects.

To referral partners.

To clients.

You know the answer.

It’s all the rage in the business books and blogs these days.

You need to do to things (well do isn’t the right word…you need to BE two things):

#1. An Authority

#2. A Leader

Good to know…but HOW do you BE-come an authority or a leader?

Here’s the two step process…

Step 1: Decide to be one!

Step 2: Go get the stuff of leaders and authorities.

It can be had. It’s not expensive and you can’t BE one without the “stuff”.

Here’s the short list of what to go get…

– Media (the kind you own)

– An audience

– A point of view

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