What to do when referral partners let you down

You know that moment don’t you?
When you connect with that special person at the conference and it seems like you two are the perfect compliment to one another…

You both get excited about the possibility of “growing a mutually beneficial relationship”…

Then the conference ends.

You go home.

And you both wonder, “What’s the next step?”

You think, “How am I gonna refer this person to my clients? I don’t want to mess up any of my paying relationships!”

She’s thinking the same thing.

So you send a half hearted “nice to meet you” email and let it go.

Maybe she’ll take the lead and send you a referral.

Months go by…nothing. You both forget the promise that you saw so clearly on the trade show floor.

All that potential wasted because referring each other was too hard…too risky…and a little one-sided.

Things could have been different.

You could have unlocked a few dozen referrals instantly if you used the tool I describe in Chapter 4 of Unstoppable Referrals.

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