The Marketing Morality Police

Yesterday I talked about the importance of “scheming” in your business and in your marketing…
Some were horrified (they’ve been summarily unsubscribed)…

For those smart marketers left, let me explain with a real life story…THIS IS IMPORTANT, READ ON:

My best friend and client, John Curry, shared this with me last week and it is THE singular reason you MUST scheme…

You may remember John, I’ve mentioned him here and shared extensive case studies about him in my book. John sells life insurance.

Life insurance!

YOU can’t use it if you buy it…you’re dead.

Try and sell that and then tell me you have a tough sales problem.

Despite the difficulty, and the fact that nobody wants it, it is a needed solution.

John got a call from a client two weeks ago. Long story short, the client and his wife, now retired and living in a coastal Florida paradise, discover that he has a terminal condition.

But John schemed…

Three years ago, John schemed to attract this client. He schemed to get him to a seminar…then to a 1-on-1 meeting…then to accept an expensive product he didn’t *want*…

Last week, John drove six hours to sit with this client and his wife…to review the work they’d done…to assess what may lie ahead for his client and, in the worst case, if he dies, what life will look like for his wife.

His wife will not need to worry about money, stress about poverty, will not need to liquidate assets or live a sub-par lifestyle for the remainder of her life.

And her husband, the client, has at least some measure of peace.


Because John schemed to sell him life insurance.

I shudder to think what situation that couple might be in had they called an 800 number or visited a website or happened across a lesser advisor…who didn’t scheme to get them to buy the optimal solution.


Now, from the mailbag…all the way from France, Unstoppable CEO CONFIDENTIAL Member Anna Cook sent me this note yesterday:

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