Optimize for Relationships

A lot of the effort put into marketing these days is not much more than shooting in the dark. Yes, you might have posted on LinkedIn three times today, or cranked up the tweet-o-matic, but what have you accomplished. It’s not that social media (or ads, or the latest cool marketing automation hack) is bad,

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Are you making these mistakes in your CRM?

My new book The Follow-up Formula is out! Get your copy now, and get a complete follow-up system (you can even get pre-wrritten follow-up email templates). Back in 2006 when I first found Infusionsoft it had this amazing ability to sort contacts into all these buckets called tags. Tags were a game-changer. You could add

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The Myth of Large Markets

One of the by-products of the Internet in general, and social media specifically is that it gives the illusion that you can be connected with 100,000 people. That somewhere out there is a market for your business that consists of 10,000 or 20,000 or 1,000,000…They’re out there floating in the abyss. And that’s the problem.

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Why Presentations Fail

I was 24 years old, less than a year out of college, and for the first time, found myself in front of a room of “adults”… All of them staring back at me from the darkened room. I felt for them. Standing before them was a sweaty kid, half their age, in an ill-fitting suit,

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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