Attention is the Key Growth Metric

I was starting to fume a little…which is not like me. Erin could tell I was about to walk out of the restaurant. It had been over an hour since we placed our order. I’d tried and tried to get the attention of the waiter. When he finally came back to the table, he told

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The Ultimate Guide to ConvertKit for Service Businesses

I’m excited that you’re here. I put this ConvertKit guide together to help me organize my decade-plus experience and knowledge of email marketing and I hope it helps you. Along the way, I’ve made just about every mistake you can make with email marketing. My goal is that through this guide, you’ll be able to

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How to Find the “Perfect” Sales Offer

In my early twenties, I went through a year-long health crisis. At first, the doctors didn’t know what was causing all of the strange symptoms I was experiencing, so they ran tests. And more tests. And still more tests. With each set of tests, they discovered new clues about the cause of my poor health.

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The Pre-Sell Formula
9-Part Email Course

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