When your message is “on” you’ll know it

When you’re singing the perfect pitch for your market you’ll know it…
Because, they’ll sing it right back to you.

I’ve talked before about narrowing your focus to a very specific type of IDEAL client.

When you do, it becomes SOOOO much easier to know what “tune” they’ll respond to.

It happened for a client just yesterday.

He sent his referral kit to a key industry influencer a couple of months ago and then did something really bad…

He forgot about it.

He didn’t follow up at all.

Until earlier this week.

So he called this big-wig and asked if he’d listened to the recording (part of the referral kit).

Not only did he remember listening a few months ago, he sang the tune right back to my client…

He said “I loved it, you guys ‘get it’, you work like we do, you don’t cut corners, you look ahead to take care of issues before they become problems, that’s exactly how we like to work. There’s a big new project coming up and I want you to talk to the decision maker.”

No joke…

This is a “bid everything” industry, where price is usually king. But notice…no mention of price. Just results.

Even in (especially in) industries dominated by bidding mentality you’ll find smart clients who understand that “you get what you pay for” is a universal law.

But without the right message, this client couldn’t find them.

Now with it, his bid-for-work days will soon end.

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