The most realistic way to double sales

If you’ve been looking around the Net for help to boost your sales you’ve seen far too many hyped claims…
Most promise to double your business using some new Google hack…

Or Facebook loophole…

Or some other nonsense.

But it is possible to double your sales.

And it’s fairly easy…if you look at the problem the right way.

Most don’t…most think “all I have to do to double my numbers is call on twice as many people.”

True…that’ll probably work…

…and you’ll get to it around the time your days expand to 48 hours from 24.

That approach assumes that the primary math in your business is addition.

But it ain’t.

Your business, specifically your marketing, your client pipeline, your sales works on MULTIPLICATION.

Here’s the math to prove it…if you break down your marketing into three parts (as all of my clients are taught) and you have a market of 1000 people (1000 who come to your website, or are targeted with an ad or direct mail) the numbers might look like this:

Total Market: 1000

Step 1. Getting the hand raise (lead generation)…you get 10% or 100 leads

Step 2. Getting the meeting (lead conversion)…you get 20% of the 100 or 20 meetings

Step 3. Getting the sale (client acquisition)…you get 50% of the 20 who meet with you to buy or 10 clients.

Now, you could double your market size, but that’s not usually easy or possible.

OR you could simple make some small improvements at each step…

Specifically…a 27% improvement at each step.

So at Step 1 you get 12.7% (that’s 27% better) to respond with a hand raise…now you have 127 leads out of 1000 instead of 100…totally doable.

At Step 2 you take those 127 leads and convert 25.4% (up from 20%) to a sales meeting (that’s 27% better) so you have 32 meetings…instead of 20.

Finally at Step 3 you improve your sales conversation and turn 63% (up from 50%) into clients…out of those 32 sales conversations you get 20 clients.

Sales have doubled.

Sadly, most approach sales as a one-step affair…doubling is hard and often impossible.

Turn it into a simple system and doubling sales becomes ridiculously easy.

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