Opportunity in Crisis and Beyond

You probably don’t need as many clients as you think to have a steadily growing business. You just need the right clients. There is opportunity out there, even in this time of crisis. You just need to get a little creative in how you promote yourself and run your business. And focusing on the right

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Attracting Pre-Sold Customers

This is an invitation for you to take a close look at your business: where you are now, where you want to go, and… how you’re going to get there. Growth is rarely a straight line going up. But you can give yourself a clearer path to success and sustainable profitability if you fine tune

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Creating Collaborative Business Relationships

Collaborating with other businesspeople is a key to success as an entrepreneur. But if you’ve tried and failed to foster mutually beneficial relationships or started a partnership that you felt was too one-sided, you might be skeptical that collaboration can actually work. But you just need a different approach. Traditional networking doesn’t always work. But

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David Newman | The Power of Speaking Marketing

This week on the podcast I interview David Newman of Do It! Marketing. We recorded this interview long before the current world crisis, and I think you should pay attention to what David shares. David is known for helping professionals (people like you and me) get on stage and speak persuasively to get clients. Right now

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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