Ethan Beute | 10 years, 10K Videos – Here’s Why

So much business used to be done face-to-face, notes Ethan Beute, handshake deals and all that. The rise of digital technology and automation streamlined everything, but that human connection was lost. Ethan, chief evangelist with video messaging service BombBomb and author of Rehumanize Your Business, is on a mission to change that and inject human

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Zander Fryer | Grow as a Person, Grow Your Business

Zander Fryer of High Impact Coaching shares a hard truth. If you want to build a six- or seven-figure business, and you’re not there yet… it’s because you’re not good enough. If you were, you’d already be there.  But, adds, Zander you can become good enough by picking up the right skills, mindsets, habits, and

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Bob Howard | Outbound Prospecting in 2020

Bob Howard, founder and president of Contact Science, has built software that focuses on making prospecting for new business more efficient and effective – not to mention easy. It’s automation that doesn’t forget the human touch that is vital for successful sales. If you don’t have outbound prospecting as part of your business development… Bob

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Bart Mroz | Repositioning Your Business to Get “Right” Clients

Bart Mroz, CEO of SUMO Heavy Industries, has a problem. This boutique digital commerce consulting company is focused on “heavy” development work on the backend systems for ecommerce clients. But they still get a lot of inquiries seeking help with marketing, SEO, design, and similar work… which they don’t do.  Bart wants to reposition the

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