The 2 Most Important Factors in Client Acquisition

The two biggest levers you can use when it comes to growth and marketing aren’t what most people think they are. I’m going to share with you how to juice your growth by focusing on your offer and the economics of acquiring clients. Without these, any marketing tactic you employ will be ineffective. Successful businesses

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Most Businesses Overlook This Marketing Secret

Without business development, there is no business. Obvious, right…? So, why do so many people struggle with biz dev? Most are focusing on the wrong thing…and ignoring what really moves the needle. Today on the podcast, we talk about… Where to focus your attention (there are only 3 things to zero-in on) Why you need

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The Book Blueprint that Lands Clients

I’m often asked what’s the best kind of book to write to attract clients. Today on the podcast I’m going to give my answer. When deciding to write a book, I believe you first need to determine your goal for the finished product. Do you want to share your knowledge, educate, or transform someone’s thinking?

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The Pre-Sell Formula
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