Hugh Liddle | The Real Reason People Buy

Hugh Liddle has a simple philosophy when it comes to sales: people don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. He says only when you apply that principle to your interactions with prospects will you get the sale. And it’s even essential for products and services you don’t think people would ever “want”…

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Jane Sagalovich | Work Less, Make More Money

For consultants and coaches, working with clients one-on-one is just not sustainable, says Jane Sagalovich, CFA, and actually limits how big the business can grow and the revenue you bring in.  After all, there is only one of you and just so many hours in the day. And raising your prices can only get you

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Podcast Power Moves

Podcasts are one of the best ways to reach more prospective clients for your business. Not just from the audience but from the person you’re interviewing – or who is interviewing you, not to mention the referrals they can send your way. Podcasts are a great way to “speed up” a potential business relationship. You

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Giuseppe Grammatico | A Shortcut to a Legit Side Business

If you want to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship but are leery of starting from scratch with a new venture, franchising can be a compelling alternative.  As franchise owner and expert Giuseppe Grammatico puts it when he first got into this business model: “I didn’t want the burden of having to figure everything out.” In

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Brock Blake | Making It Easy to Get Business Funding

Access to capital in the startup phase – and to propel further growth – is a must-have for small businesses. But it’s not easy to get those much-needed funds, especially if you go through traditional channels.  Lendio, led by founder and CEO Brock Blake, is a lending marketplace that has facilitated $1.7 billion in small

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