John Curry | How to Create a Crisis-Proof Business

Part two of our conversation with John Curry. When John lost his leg four months ago, he translated his mindset tools from business success to his physical rehabilitation. He also drew upon his talents to become more productive with one leg than most of us could be with two. How? That is what we are

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John Curry | No one ever thinks THIS will happen to them

No one ever thinks THIS will happen to them… And neither did my client… Until he found himself in the hospital facing gruesome surgery… He was worried about his health, even his life, and what would happen to his business. Have you ever laid awake wondering what would happen if you couldn’t go to work

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What to Do When Online Marketing Isn’t Working

I could tell he was ready to fire his SEO/website consultant… My client (we’re wrapping up writing his book) was asking what else we could do for him and his frustration with the performance of his website was clear as day. He wanted to hire us to take over his website and “fix it”… Knowing

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Davina Frederick | Why Niche Marketing is More Successful

You’ve heard it before… “There’s riches in niches…” This week on the podcast you’re I’ve got a case study in how to pivot into a profitable niche.  I’m talking with my friend and client Davina Frederick, Founder of Wealthy Woman Lawyer and author of the new book The Wealth Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm

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All Your Book Writing Questions Answered

If you’ve ever thought about writing your own book to attract clients and grow your business, now is the time to do it and I’m here to explain how. I’ve received lots of questions about the process of writing a lead-generating book. So, in this episode, I’m going to answer them and help you see

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