Shaun Buck | Finding the “Reason Why” for Your Business

Entrepreneurs get into business to make money, at least at first. But, says Shaun Buck, as your business grows that usually stops being a motivating factor.

Shaun, owner of The Newsletter Pro, shares how he discovered his new “reason why” and how it radically transformed his business. He also outlines how he uses a unique and powerful referral marketing strategy to land his best clients.

Be sure to listen until the end – Shaun has an awesome gift for you.

Check out the interview and discover…

  • How incremental improvements can drive rapid growth
  • Where to focus when the going gets tough
  • Why your “reason why” should evolve over time
  • Ways to land your most profitable clients with referrals
  • A strategy for doubling profits in four months
  • And more

Shaun Buck TimeLine

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Serial entrepreneur Shaun Buck, the founder of Newsletter Pro.

01:26 Shaun tells us how when scaling his business it pulled in many directions. By focusing its attention on fewer leads rather than more, he doubled the business in 4 months.

04:39 Shaun tells us how money was a motivation for him but not anymore.

06:34 Shaun tells us his motivational reasons for getting up in the morning.

09:23 Shaun tells us about his charitable work and how is xmas charity came about.

11:22 Steve and Shaun talk about the reasons for starting their own businesses evolved.

14:58 Shaun explains why you shouldn’t cheap out on referrals and why is giving actual TESLAS to his.

19:14 Shaun gives us a real life customer referral situation and the logic behind his decision.

25:15 Shaun talks about the benefits of a good referral partner.

28:38 Shaun tells us about his upcoming book about scaling and growth.

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