Matt Inglot | How the 3-10 Client Rule can Boost Your Fees

If you’ve ever felt like you were on a never-ending hamster wheel, you’ll want to tune-in to this week’s Unstoppable CEO Podcast episode…

Matt Inglot–a successful marketing agency/consulting firm owner and the guy behind–flipped his agencies model from needing lots of clients (and struggling)…

To needing a small number (he calls it the 3-10 rule) to be profitable.

Matt shares his secrets to attracting clients consistently, AND why he turns away 80% of the prospects that contact his firm.

We talk about…

How to engineer small wins in your business (so you’re not sucking wind waiting for a home run)…

Why it’s harder to sell when you need a client (and how to quickly overcome it)…

How to assume the “surgeon’s posture” when you’re talking to a prospect…

And a whole lot more.


00:13 Steve introduces Matt Inglot

01:11 Matt begins by telling us how he started off in business really young when he realised there was a different way to earn a living.

03:51 Matt talks about how he needed to restructure his business to focus only on worthwhile clients. This focus has led him to the point where he turns down 90% of prospective clients in 3 mins.

8:10 Matt explains the situation that led him to re structure and the cuts he made to revamp the business.

12:52 In order to help other business not to make the same mistakes he did, Matt set up Freelance Transformations.

15:06 Matt explains his 3-10 rule. If you need more than 10 clients then there’s probably something wrong with your business model.

17:36 Steve expands on the importance of consistency in business to gaining clients.

23:03 Matt says always stick to your prices, never bargain down.

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