Your response to my email…

…tells me y’all have some trust issues!
Holy cow…my inbox was full of responses to yesterday’s email. So here’s what we’re going to do:

Today, we’re going to cover the three most important pieces to put into your marketing to “engineer” trust.

Now, some may object to the notion of engineering trust, as if it might be too intentional.

I disagree.

When you create trust one-to-one, you’ve “engineered” your behavior to build trust. In fact, the most highly trusted people I know, actually THINK about all of their interactions and how to enhance a trusting relationship.

Why would you do anything different in your marketing. It’s really just an amplifier for your business (and you, the CEO).

So…to engineer trust in your marketing (referrals, online, offline…wherever) include these three things:

1. Honesty.

OK…this *should* go without saying, but based on the number of you who felt lied to by marketing, it needs to be said.

2. Consistency.

Showing up regularly and consistently, over time, with your marketing is the single biggest secret-in-plain-sight to building trust at scale.

YOU have a huge opportunity here, ‘cause most won’t be consistent OVER TIME. They’ll quit.

3. Demonstration of value.

Your marketing should be engineered (there’s that word again) to provide a real demonstration of the value your future client gets when they hand over money.

It’s a BETTER risk-eliminator than the most elaborate guarantee you might concoct. ‘Cause seeing IS believing.

I’ll be showing subscribers to The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL a detailed plan for *engineering* trust in their marketing process in the May issue.

You can take a test-drive here >>




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