Your biggest problem with lead gen may not be…

…getting leads!

In fact, I’d wager that you may, in fact, have enough leads right now.

Yet, I’ll bet that right now, you’re always wondering where you might find another new lead (or 10).

Let me prove to you that you may actually have more than you think…

See, we live in what many have called a “throw away society.”

Now, I really don’t know or care if that’s true at the societal level.

What I do know is true is that ten out of the last ten companies we’ve helped all lived in a “throw away prospects” world.

And, because statistics like that don’t lie, it’s easy to project that you too are likely throwing prospects away too 😉

I’m writing about this today because I’ve seen the serious impact it’s had on the business owners I’ve worked with…

It caused them SERIOUS PAIN.

…revenue gaps (read: months with no money coming in)

…truckloads of personal stress from living in a world where every day the scoreboard resets to zero dollars.

…erosion of personal confidence, impact on family relationships and just generally being grumpy and frustrated, wondering why *their* business was so hard.

IF you’re letting prospects slip through the cracks…and always desperate for more it’s OK. Let me tell you why…

…’cause it’s darn hard to do follow-up to stay present with every lead for months, even years, so that nothing goes to waste.

But here’s why you’ll want to…

Because it’s the ONLY way to ensure that your business grows consistently. It eliminates the up and down revenue cycles that happen in most firms.

AND…it protects you against the short-term risk of any lead source drying up.

The problem has always been that it just takes a lot of time and effort to do well. And nobody’s got the time or the energy to do it.

I get it.

I’ve spent the last 15 years doing all kinds of follow-up across a few dozen industries and after all of that…

*** I’ve honed it down to a process that you can do in as little as 90-minutes a month. ***

And you won’t have to write a single word.

Thursday, I’ll show you the secret to forever follow-up in just 90-minutes a month.

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