You…a star in my next book? (Who needs American Idol??)

Fame, fortune and authority could come to you…

Well, the truth is, probably none of that, but you will have my eternal gratitude AND be introduced to more than 10,000 book readers IF, you can answer “YES” to the questions below…

I’m starting work on “Unstoppable Referrals 2.0” a new, updated version of my bestselling book and I’d like to feature YOU!

So I ask…

1. Have you applied any of the concepts in the first Unstoppable Referrals book and seen some success?

2. Are you in a professional services business?

Examples include: financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, architects, engineers, consultants, coaches, real estate professionals, insurance professionals…

Essentially any service business where you had to go to school, take a test, or get a license. And one in which you get paid for your advice and counsel.

3. Are you willing to get on the phone or Skype and allow me to interview you about your business and how you’ve applied the Unstoppable Referrals approach?

If you answered “YES” to all three, then please send an email right now (really) to with the subject “Make me a star”.

Oh…one more thing. I was reminded of this video by my friend, Jason Leister:

It’s worth watching this weekend.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Josh Hallett

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