You could take it all away…just leave me with this

…and I’ll be fine.
Seriously, if I lost everything and had to build it back, there is one tool I’d keep.

You couldn’t steal it from me.

It’s my most valued and guarded advantage.

What is it?

My newsletters (yes, plural—I publish three).

The lowly newsletter…the Rodney Dangerfield “no respect, no respect, I say” member of the marketing toolbox.

The newsletter, in all its forms (print, email, CD of the month, podcast), is THE secret weapon that I’d hold onto.

It always works.

In every business…any economy…no matter what Google or Facebook ever do…the lowly newsletter chugs and chugs.

Ever increasing your relationship, your presence and your authority with your most important relationships.

All the rest could be recreated, built anew. But none would be effective without the little ol’ newsletter.




photo courtesy of: Jim Bahn

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