Our Done-For-You marketing program reaches out to your ideal prospects, nurtures them, positions you as a trusted authority, and books appointments.

Let us build your marketing system, and run it for you.


After consulting with over 100 service businesses since 2010, we've learned you want to focus on working with clients, not mastering the latest marketing technique.

That's why we created a 100% hands-free, done-for-you marketing system, so you can do what you love, leave the marketing to us, and still have a stream of new clients. 


Case Study: How Patrick Went from Zero to Authority in a New Niche, and Insured a $100 Million Deal with Audi



The 3 Step Plan for Getting You More clients...

STEP 1: Direct Outreach to Your IDEAL Prospects

There's no disputing, the fastest way to generate new clients is to reach out directly to the people you want to do business with. But cold calling and cold emailing will run off and annoy great prospects. Our Structured Outreach System delivers value to every prospect, builds trust, warms them up, and then offers the opportunity to get on the phone with you. Best of all, our team handles all repetitive, manual parts of the outreach for you, so you can focus on your clients.


STEP 2: Always-On Pre-Selling Presentation

Often we talk to professionals who are frustrated because they don't know how to "sell." The truth is, they shouldn't be "selling." Traditional sales techniques erode your authority positioning and complicate matters when you need to switch from salesperson to trusted advisor. The answer is pre-selling prospects on your ability to help them. When you're talking to pre-sold prospects, you don't need to use any special sales tricks or scripts...the prospect is there with you already believing you're the answer to his or her problems.

We script a pre-selling presentation for you, coach you through delivering it, then automate it so that it's available on a pre-determined schedule, qualifying and pre-selling potential clients while you're serving other clients, or on vacation with your family.

STEP 3: Effortless Forever Follow-up and Network Expansion

Landing high-value, long-term clients isn't a "one and done" exercise. Building real relationships takes time. Most businesses focus all their energy on acquiring leads, only to drop all the leads that don't sign-up to become clients right away. It's a lost gold mine.

We've developed a process that puts you on the phone with the key influencers, referral sources and prospects in your market. Twice each month you'll interview one of these experts, build relationship with them, then publish that interview as a podcast. We handle all the technology, and get each interview recorded, edited, and sent out to your prospects, clients, and partners. All you have to do is show up and have a 20-minute phone conversation with an key influencer in your market twice a month.

You'll show up twice a month, with valuable content for every prospect in your market. No more newsletters to write or "just checking in" calls to make.


Want to Find Out if We Can Help You?

The best way to know if our process can help you is to schedule a quick, 20-minute phone conversation. We'll review where you are now, your goals, your market, and help you understand if, and how we can help.