Why we turn away clients, and why you should too

There’s so much noise out there about “always be closing” and so many people who beat their chest, bragging about high close rates as if, closing the prospect was the only positive outcome.

We take a different approach.

Today, we turned away a $5+ thousand-dollar client, who was ready to buy.

But here’s the thing…

We weren’t the right fit for him, right now.

We will be in a year. But if we take him today, we know he wouldn’t be as successful as we want.

And still…he was ready to send money.

For a lot of businesses, that’s hard to walk away from.

But taking a wrong-fit client is short-term gain, for long-term pain.

We take the definition of the word “client” very seriously…

“One that is under the protection of another.”

In other words, we have a duty to guide the business owners who come seeking our help to the right solution.

Often that means working with us.

Sometimes, it means sending them somewhere else for help…even when doing so costs us in the short term.

The long-term accrual of trust and authority is priceless.

I have no idea if, as you read this, you need help attracting clients or if you’re even a fit for what we do.

If you are good at turning prospects into clients, but aren’t seeing enough prospects to hit your goals, then, it *might* make sense to talk.

We have VERY FEW remaining openings to talk next week. Grab yours here…

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