Why 2015 may not be “your best year ever”

Right now across the Internet, “gurus,” “sages” and would-be experts are loading up their autoresponders with a special message for you…

That 2015 will be your best year ever!

[Guru Fine Print: Best year ever only applies when you buy the super special, “all secrets revealed”, magic pill, hi ho Silver bullet, panacea cure for all that ails, new whiz bang best year ever course!!!]

Look, I’m all for “best year ever”…I plan to have another one and hope you do, too!

But we could all do without the flat promises and hype don’t ya’ think?

The truth is that all that’s standing between you and your best year ever is how you choose to invest and focus your time this year.

Some investments are better than others.

In the next issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ Confidential I give you my simple, practical framework for picking your “time investments” through my Three Horizon Focusing System.

Plus, I share the latest findings from the trenches in the “Perfect High-Ticket Client Funnel.” (See recent results from a funnel that’s delivering six-figure clients at a steady clip.)

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photo courtesy of: Russ Neumeier

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