When clients do this does it frost you?

Ever had a client say they’d refer you and then nothing happens?
You don’t hear from them again, or at least not for a loonnggg time.

You start to wonder if you’ve damaged your relationship.

You think they’re probably avoiding you…on purpose.

Here’s what could be happening on the other side…

– They want to refer you, but don’t know to whom or how. So, embarrassed by their inaction and failure to follow-through, they avoid you.

– They’re not sure how to bring it up with their friend, colleague or family member, so they don’t.

– Life got busy…it happens.

– They don’t want to admit they needed your help. In *some* businesses this is a big barrier. Every time you think it’s tough to get referrals, just imagine the sexual intimacy counselor asking clients for introductions to their church prayer groups!

Before you stomp your feet in frustration, think about your client.

How can you make it easier for them to refer you?




photo courtesy of: Gabriel

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