What this Pakistani cobbler knows about premium prices, that most don’t

I opened my inbox this morning to find Seth Godin’s daily nugget waiting and right there…BAM!
A pearl of premium pricing, all the way from Pakistan.

It seems that right now on Kickstarter you can buy a pair of handmade men’s shoes from Lahore, Pakistan for $169 (and up).

Now, that’s not necessarily the highest priced shoe, but it’s not cheap either…considering you can still get a pair of shoes that are functionally equivalent at Walmart for $20 (while they’re still around).

The company behind these shoes has raised $20,751 from 114 people…so on average they’re selling shoes for $182.02 per person. That’s a premium price.

But they’re not JUST selling shoes.

And that’s the point.

If they were selling just the shoes, they’d be trapped in a commodity business.

Instead, they’re selling a story you can tell when you wear the shoes…a story about how you bought them on Kickstarter, how they’re made by artisans on the far side of the world, and for $1000 you can tell the story of how you had dinner with the company founders in NYC…with your shoes!

Premium fees are available to every business in every industry. I know, I’ve commanded them in the midst of a race to the bottom happening all around my first business.

If you’re not getting them, you either don’t believe it’s possible for you OR you don’t know how to do it.

I can’t fix your beliefs, but I can and I will show you how to re-imagine your business for premium fees…when you join my monthly information service The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL.


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